• Revit Structure BIM
  • CAD and Manual Drawing Development using AutoCAD and MicroStation
  • 3-D CAD Renderings using AutoCAD and SketchUp
  • As-Built (Red-Line) Services
  • Structural Steel Detailing

Steel Fabrication (Shop) Drawings

We perform structural CAD drafting services for the development of structural steel shop drawings.  For one client this included the development of shop drawings for the rear elevator tower, trash chute, front balcony handrail, handrails for stairwells, and the front and rear entrance canopies.

CAD Fabrication (Shop) Drawings

One client needed assistance to fabricate an existing roll-up door.  Each part was measured and researched then analyzed for applicable loads/stresses/deflections to meet multistate requirements.  Individual fabrication shop drawings were developed.  The door assembly was analyzed for applicable wind pressure.  Once complete, drawings were provided for product testing.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual design starts with our client having an idea and wondering if it will be feasible to pursue their vision.  One such idea was to design a pedestrian bridge to span the Savannah River.  We researched alternative bride types and construction and presented this information to our client to evaluate and select.  Schematic drawings of the bridge, including but not limited to plans, elevations and perspective views (color renderings) were produced.  We developed a construction const estimate based on the preliminary drawings.  Our client was delivered a complete package to determine whether or not to move forward with his idea.

3-D CAD Design

Some clients prefer to visualize the outcome of a design.  We developed 3-D drawings of a scrubber tower support access platform.  The 3-D drawings were used to locate utility piping, process piping, electrical conduit and process controls in order to minimize interferences within congested spaces.  Along with 2-D working drawings, the 3-D drawings were utilized to develop structural steel fabrication (shop) drawings.  With 3-D CAD design, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Product Code Approval Drawings

Our manufacturing clients request drawings to submit for product code approval (PCA).  We have experience in this process and have assisted the client with the selection of the testing agency and the PCA advocacy agency for completing required paperwork and submittal to the state.  Various drawings are produced that focus on the sections to be tested as different parameters.  Calculations are configured to determine allowable and test pressure information and are shown on the drawings.  We have provided the necessary signed/sealed certificate of independence letters, testing equivalency letters and evaluation reports to the advocate agency.