Preliminary Engineering

  • Title I Schematic Design
  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Layouts/General Arrangements and Development of Statements/Scopes of Work
  • Engineering and Construction Cost Estimates

Site Wide Master Planning

Successful manufacturing plants experience growth, not just personnel, but facilities as well. An industrial chemical manufacturer experienced this growth and needed a site master plan. M&A has vast experience in master planning. We worked with the client to find out the layout preferences for the buildings in relation to the existing structures. We subcontracted companies to locate above and below grade utilities and to provide topography and boundary survey information. To evaluate the adequacy of the on-site detention pond, we performed a site wide hydrologic/hydraulic study. M&A provided the civil/site design for new structures existing detention/retention pond, parking lot, etc.

Investigation of Historical Bridge Repurposing

Our government client wanted to know if a historical bridge, originally designed for railroad loading, was structurally sound to move and use as a pedestrian and light vehicular bridge at a county facility. Moore and Associates evaluated the structural integrity of this bridge. This evaluation considered federal requirements (bridge was located at a military installation), removal of hazardous materials, and historical research of the actual bridge. M&A staff has performed many historical research and analysis of structures and enjoy the history of each structure.

Preliminary Design of a Long-Span Pedestrian Bridge

The city of North Augusta, SC wanted a bridge to span the Savannah River and connect to Augusta, GA. Moore and Associates developed a preliminary design of a pedestrian bridge. We coordinated with the city to determine an approximate alignment of the bridge in order to determine the span of the bridge. After searching alternative bridge types and construction, the city chose the type they preferred. M&A produced schematic drawings of the bridge. We also developed a construction cost estimate.

Construction Cost Estimate

Adding a new 6000 sf building for a cafeteria, training center, locker rooms and restrooms was the scope for one industrial client. Moore and Associates subcontracted an architectural firm and together provided our client with a 30% schematic design of architectural drawings and foundation drawings. Based off of the drawings, we developed the construction cost estimate.

Property Condition Assessment

Sometimes a client will request a specific parameter for property condition assessments, such as a seismic evaluation. One such government agency did just that for a Social Security office in Charleston, SC. A site visit was made to this 16,800 sf building constructed of hollow structural steel. It was evaluated based on requirements from the ICSSC Recommended Practice and ASCE/SEI 31-03, including the level of performance, level of seismicity, building type, benchmark buildings and the selection and use of checklists. Once the evaluation was completed and was in compliance with the seismic requirements, Moore and Associates signed/sealed the certificate.