Structural Engineering

  • Title II Detailed Structural Design
  • Assessments (Including FHA/VA/HUD Foundation Assessments)
  • Property Condition Assessments per ASTM
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Superstructure (Including Pre-Engineered Building) Foundation Design
  • Wind and Seismic Analysis, Design and Retrofit
  • Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete, Structural Steel, Cold-formed Steel, Masonry, Timber, Aluminum and FRP Primary (Super) and Secondary Structures
  • Crane Systems/Supports
  • Lift Device/Spreader System Analysis and Design
  • Equipment Foundations and Supports
  • Marine Structure Analysis and Design
  • Bridge (Pedestrian and Vehicular) and Abutment Design
  • Tower and Sign Design
  • Pipe Bridge Design
  • Facility Retrofit and Rehabilitation
  • Seismic and Wind Design of Mechanical Equipment Curbs and Piping (Including HVAC, Electrical, Fire Protection and Process) Supports
  • Cold-Formed High Strength Tube Steel (Carport-type) Structures Analysis/Design
  • Timber Skid-Mounted Storage Structure Analysis/Design

Timber Structures

Our client needed designs for a barn-style and gable-style timber framed enclosed shed buildings that could be manufactured to sell in multiple states.  With our knowledge of the various editions of the International Building Code (IBC) as well as the state specific requirements, the designs were completed and compiled in two packages – one for barn-style and one for gable-style.  One design package to cover numerous states is a trademark of Moore and Associates.

Cold-formed Steel Structures

Commonly known as carport structures, cold-formed steel structures have amazing applications in the residential, industrial, government, and commercial areas.  We design master packages for many clients, each design is a little different and each client has their preferences for what market they are targeting.  The example of one of our projects shows a commercial application of a cold-formed steel structure.  While the master design meets all the requirements of the state and IBC, sometimes a site specific package is needed for county or city specific requirements or the structure has unique elements.  The unique items on this structure are the numerous door openings on one side of the building and the corner lean-to.  Our design implemented the use of headers for stability of the one side and connection details for the corner lean-to. 

Industrial Structural Support System

The “slurry coaster” was a combination of a need at an industrial plant and a vision of something fun.  Working with this client, we assessed the type of structural foundation and steel framing systems conducive to the pipe configuration.  We worked with a geotechnical subcontractor to obtain soil information to evaluate and researched design codes for structural steel, reinforced concrete, wind and seismic.  Our design met all of the criteria and turned out to be eye-pleasing as well.  We have extensive inspection experience including knowledge of both shop and field fabrication and welding of structural steel.  So during the process of construction, we performed periodic inspection of the foundation and structural steel work. 

Segmental Retaining Wall

Our client was preparing a parcel of land for a multi-story hotel and needed a retaining wall design.  This retaining wall varied in height from 14’ to 22’ and wrapped around three sides of the parcel.  One section of the wall abutted GDOT Interstate right-of-way.  Our design utilized a segmental retaining wall system.

Historical Renovation

Taking an old, worn out building and giving it a new purpose was our client’s goal in the historical renovation of 531 9th Street. This building would become both residential and retail space. Working with an architectural firm on the layout of the first and second floors, design drawings were produced for the foundation, floors and roof framing. Based on these drawings, M&A performed reviews of steel fabrication shop drawings and other vendor data submittals for the client. We developed the Chapter 17 Special Inspection/Testing detailed construction schedule.

In-Ground Tanks

We provide structural analyses of new and existing tank foundations for clients.  We work with clients to ensure the containment meets the code requirements for the tank dead and live loading and lateral loads, as well as, soil static and dynamic (seismic loads).  We also address buoyancy forces based on site-specific soil conditions.